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never seen by waking eyes.
16 July 2010 @ 02:41 pm
I'm moving out of my house and into my college dorm in a month, and so since I need money and space, I'm selling a bunch of old manga and anime and some OSTs I don't want anymore. Everything is mint perfect condition, or very nearly perfect. Feel free to claim something if you actually see something you want. First come, first serve.

Sales: Most of my sales I prefer to conduct through Amazon since it's quick and easy and has been very reliable so far, but I can use PayPal if necessary. These are the only two methods I'll work this.

Shipping: I will ship anywhere in the US using Media Mail or First Class mail. I will ship international, but it will cost just a bit more. Amazon covers shipping, at least partially, so if you're buying through there I won't be adding much, if any, to your payment. If you're paying through PayPal, I will add shipping on to your purchases. I usually ship the day of or the day after I've received an order.

Also, if you do buy through Amazon, please tell me how you would like me to contact you so that I can verify that the address given is correct. I don't want to accidentally ship to the wrong place because Amazon gives me the wrong info. :\


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Please note that since I'm a new seller, I really don't have any feedback just yet, for which I apologize! Hopefully that'll change soon! :> And for any buyers from me, please remember to give feedback afterwards!